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The experience & expertise from producing 800 company films...

We love delivering creative solutions to all kinds of new challenges. With 800 company and product productions to our credit you'll find we have the experience, expertise and resources to produce corporate films of almost any description.

So whether you're a large multi-national, SME or in the public sector, you can be sure we'll be able to share plenty of our own ideas, giving you options and opportunities to communicate more effectively.

Here's just a small selection of what we've done to help clients. After browsing, please give us a call to discuss your production:

Company Promotion - Oakland International Product Promotion - CypherCo USA Housing Sales - Haywood Homes
Company Promotion - Oakland Int'l
Storyboard and scripted, specifically to support their sales bid to a major International supermarket chain. The company successfully won the contract valued £3 million pa.
Product Promotion - CypherCo (USA)
Story lined, storyboard and scripted. Presented by our own Michelle Scott. Stringent H & S Risk Assessment submission before it could be filmed at two major UK breweries.
New House Sales - Haywood Homes
Adopting a superior TV-styled presenter tour, we wrote the script and storyboard featuring one of many house and bungalow options on its new building development in South Wales.
Staff introductions - V8Media Business Interview - Spencer Kelly Talking Heads - Anderson Shaw Corporate Finance
Staff introductions - V8Media
Clients and prospects meet staff gaining insights into how they work. An atmosphere of thoughtful creative design was enhanced by postproduction lighting and colour grading.
Business Interview - Spencer Kelly
We researched topics in advance. Our pre-prepared questions lead the interviewee's ASA compliant responses so that the viewer gained an interesting and honest insight to the topic.
Talking Heads - Anderson Shaw Finance
Low budget talking heads, enhanced using muliti-cam. In this example, the client's task to remember several scripts and deliver with confidence was made easier with TelePrompter.
Conference - West Midlands School Leaders - Mary Rhodes Conference CREATE NWE -Penny Power OBE Business Awards - Chamber of Commerce
Conference (large) - W Mids School Leaders
First ever WMSL conference. Multiple live camera feeds. Storyboarded to summarise content and promote the following year's event. Led by our presenter for cohesive & interesting production.
Conference (small) - CREATE NWE
Hereford's hosting to review UK progress of a European Initiative. Conference highlights plus researched interactive interviews with celebrity guest speakers and delegates.
Business Awards - Chamber of Commerce
Multiple cameras provide live camera feeds. Storyboarded to summarise content and promote the following year's event. Led by our presenter for cohesive & interesting production.
Employee Inductions - Haygrove Legal court appeal - planning 3-Learning - Consequence UK
Employee Inductions - Haygrove
Client's induction process reviewed. Devised a comprehensive range of films for each topic. Six languages delivered significant improvement in employee learning and senior management time.
Legal court appeal - Client confidential
For presenting to the court of appeal, to support evidence against planning refusal. We produced an overview of the company and the importance its future development has to the local economy.
e-Learning - Consequence UK
A series of CPD courses to improve the process of conducting and reporting on incident investigations in NHS and similar institutions. Multiple cameras filmed trainer and workshops.
How To (product guide) - Coomber Electronics How To (training) - Studio 58 Product Review (advertsement) - Gardeco
How To (product guide) - Coomber
The client now directs users to a useful product guide. We used two cameras and a 'gantry' to synchronise hand movements with inset of LED display. "How To's" can be good marketing tools.
How To (training) - Studio 58
Series of online 'paid for' tutorials. We voiced over the explanatory guide and filmed against white screen using postproduction techniques to highlight visuals.
Product Review (advertisement) - Gardeco
Our story board, script and presenter gave the client an opportunity to compare against competitor flaws but in an ethical and positive way. Produced for product launch in USA.
In Sore Product Advert - Luxform Lighting BV Website Promo - Simply Gym Regional Promotion - Herefordshire Council
In Store Product Advert - Luxform BV
Our formula for instore adverts have shown to deliver very significant boosts in product sales. Voiced in five languages made this example especially productive across mainland Europe.
Website Promo - Simply Gym
A variation of our 'Budget Ads'. Seen by over 65,000 a locally targeted series of films for this expanding national chain has made a significant contribution towards growing its membership.
Regional Promotion - Herefordshire Council
Reached out to businesses, changing their perceptions of working in the county. Creative solution incorporated green screen to produce an intriguing and magical storyline.
Premises Tour - Wildwood Rooms Mini Documentary - Emis Health Care Viral campaign - CorpFilms steadycam
Premises Tour - Wildwood Rooms
A tour of this conference and training facility was made more personal and like being there in person through our idea to accompany the client's Managing Director using our steadycam.
Mini Documentary - Emis Health Care
The process of diabetic retinal eye screening was undergone by our own presenter, Susie Godwin, in a short series of films so patients would be comfortable and understand what's involved.
Viral Campaign - CorpFilms Steadycam
Using suspense and comedy this was our own campaign to demonstrate the versatility of our steadycam. We had lots of fun making it too. You can see the film on our blog.

CorpFiilms [UK] YouTube channel (just a small selection)Every production has been designed to meet clients' specific objectives. Over 60 representative examples of our productions can be seen on our YouTube channel but don't think they are all like those. We love delivering creative solutions to new concepts.

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