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The right tools for each job deliver higher quality and greater creativity...

You can leave all the technical stuff to us, reassured that CorpFilms [UK] has an extensive range of equipment to accommodate a variety of different filming styles, situations and environments.

Camera Camera Camera
Matching HDV cameras for multi-cam shoots. The silver camera is for time lapse. All our cameras have 3CCD internal chips that deliver high clarity colours. Wide angle lens for restricted spaces. Matt boxes avoid lens flare from lighting and sun.
Camera Rigs
Steadycam Steadycam cage inverted steadycam
Steadycam is designed for on-the-move shots. It has complete freedom to go almost anywhere as it is not restricted to pre-set paths on rails. It provides smooth shots even whilst travelling on uneven terrain, up or down steps. Great for vehicle rear motion shots, out door activities, walks through and vox pops. The hanging cage enables low level shots. Steadycam is a specialist rig, for which operators require specific training.
Camera crane 360 degree jib crane Camera crane + motorised pan/tilt Motorised Powerhead Pan & Tilt
Camera crane with its under slung motorised powerhead produces fabulous smooth and perfectly level or angled shots rising from ground level to almost 4 metres with 360 degrees rotational swing plus 360 degrees pan & tilt. It's safer than drones for indoor and close to public shots.
Shoulder mount Shoulder mount Tripod & shoulder rig
Shoulder rigs for camera shots that need to be extremely mobile, quick to respond and steady. Ideal for events and vox pops. Quick release mounts enable rapid attachment to tripods for perfectly steady static or panning shots, making the production process efficient and flexible.
Glide track Tripod, head and zoom Tripods & heads
Glide track delivers very smooth, slow lateral movements. Perfect for adding a subtle touch of class and individuality to static interview and product shots. Superior quality tripods with twin legs eliminate twist for greater stability. Fluid heads give smooth horizontal or vertical pans, eliminating the jerkiness associated with cheaper, photographic tripods. Zoom controls ensure smooth follow through between distance and close up shots.
Gantry - long view Gantry - close up Gantry forward tilt
Gantry is for spanning across spaces where other rigs cannot be positioned. It also enables cameras to take perfectly vertical and steady overhead shots, which is ideal for close up product and equipment demonstrations.
Microphones Jammers and dead cat Booms
Sennheiser and Rode electret condenser microphones are the choice of professionals. XRL connections for balanced input. Radio for distance and cable-free shoots. Shot guns, lapels, hand held and performer headset for different filming styles. Cardioid for close pick up and directional to reduce background sound. Windjammers,"dead cat" (the furry mic cover) and pop shield reduces unwanted noise. Floor and overhead booms where microphones need to be out of shot. Headphones monitor sound quality and avoid otherwise unnoticed background noises.
Studio lights Lights Camera light
Lighting is not just about improving light levels. It adds depth, character and atmosphere. Warm toned halogen and cold white LED. Strong direct and soft diffused. Stands for studio, indoor locations and some outdoor environments. Camera-mounts for close up vox pops in poorly lit spaces.
Teleprompter (also known as autocue)
Autocue (teleprompter)
16" Teleprompter can usually be read from 3/4 metres. Professional presenters accurately stay on scripts, reducing need to learn in advance, minimising their fees. Less experienced people can deliver scripts with greater confidence. Avoids forgetting words and reduces fumbling.
Field monitors Field monitor with hood Vision monitor
Field & Studio, HD monitors make image focusing more accurate. Hood protects the LCD screen from bright lights and sun so the camera operator can manage clear images. They are also better for crew and clients to review rushes (raw footage) whilst still on location.
Studio facility
Studio backdrops Studio green screen (filming) Studio green screen (postproduction)
Full height green screen with infinity curve, enables persons to be placed in any scene by superimposing a background image, video or animation behind. Also an essential requirement when filming our specialist "Website Walk-on Presenter". White or black backdrops for alternative moods.
Postproduction timelines After effects Editing sound
Powerful studio computer, capable of handing full 1080i HD graphics with multiple effects filters. Ours is 'the' industry-leading professional editing suite that integrates all major postproduction facilities for colour grading, after effects, sound manipulation, 2D graphics animation, importing and exporting a diverse range of video formats, In Design and Photoshop.
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