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Stroyboard and script
Is there really a difference between videography and a Production Company? The short answer is "Yes". Although both disciplines deliver their final product as moving images, each approaches the production process quite differently and with differing skills that deliver very different results.

Videography is primarily shooting something exactly as it is, or how it happens. The aim is to produce a visual record or a simple communication of highlighted soundbites. The result may, artistically, be quite appealing but there is no creativity in the actual content. You cannot rely upon the viewer grasping any meaningful message and it will therefore serve little or no other purpose. There's nothing wrong with that if expectations are limited or a record is all that's called for.

When photographers branch out to videography they usually bring a similar mind-set to that of their photography, which is to create a visually pleasing record. They chronologically string together video sequences, because they are there to present things exactly as they are. Soundbites and vox pops are usually inadequate to communicate effectively. It amounts to having moving images instead of static images or a slideshow, often set to unsynchronised and poorly matched background music.

Production Company
For corporate clients, the Production Company approach uses creative license to tell a well-structured story that informs the viewer and stimulates a reaction that the client is seeking to achieve. The corporate client must therefore have a clearly defined objective that goes beyond a visual record.

To do this effectively, this requires an emotionally engaging story line, storyboard and often a script, which the producer creates by interpreting and improving the client's brief. A range of differing resources are employed that will suit the treatment (theme, mood and style) of the production.

As well as a film crew, actors or presenters are sometimes called upon to steer the viewer's better understanding of the film. Under a Director's instruction, the crew will follow a shot list to produce multiple and usually non-sequential shots and dialogue, to reinforce the story line being told.

A Production Company will also have a more extensive range of professional equipment. Multiple cameras with a variety of cinematic quality lenses synchronise to avoid obvious and distracting cuts. Camera rigs such as dollies, cranes and stabilisers are used to create tastefully composed, difficult or better positioned shots. Different types of lighting and microphones will be used to accommodate varying situations according to the location environment or filming conditions.

In postproduction (editing) the non-sequential shots are assembled into the correct order and synchronised with precision accuracy within 1/25 of a second. Colour processing, visual and audio effects are also used to set or enhance the moods of the film footage.

The Final Product
When produced correctly, the resulting film will stimulate viewers to connect emotionally, understand what the client is communicating, how they should feel and know what to do.


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