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Filming, voiceover, graphics and animations.
Production is predominantly the process of shooting the film and recording voiceovers etc. Some projects may also require special graphics or animations.

As this is the stage where a film crew is seen to be actually working on location, many regard this as being the measure of how much work is involved. Important as it is, in fact, it often represents a comparatively small proportion of the overall project, compared with Pre-Production and postproduction.

Whilst most producers welcome clients being present during at least part of the filming, it should not be regarded as an opportunity for last-minute or on-the-fly changes to the content. Ideally everything should be finalised before signing off the storyboard at Pre-Production. Changes at this stage can have repercussions elsewhere and could therefore increase costs that the producer would be entitled to pass on.

Filming is often a complex process; usually filmed out of sequence and hard to follow. It should therefore never be underestimated. It can require very careful set up of cameras, rigs, lights, sound, monitors etc. As well as getting the shot just right, producers look out for traits that others may not even be conscious of at the time. Typically they are avoiding unwanted appearances and noises in the background; variations in lighting levels/conditions and focus especially during motion shots; personal fluidity and intonations; continuity of content and style of presentation etc. The perfect shot can therefore come after a number of takes to ensure the production is both polished and reduces postproduction correction. Most clients are surprised at the detail and precision of professional filming. They find it an interesting and enjoyable experience.

Voiceovers are usually recorded in a studio, with high quality microphones. The booth will be reverb and "pop" resistant, maintaining voice quality that can stand on its own and doesn't rely upon background music to conceal flaws.

The team
Production teams can vary immensely. From very small projects that require only one camera operator and maybe an assistant, to more complex projects that have several camera people, separate sound and lighting specialists, a production director, support crew. Many companies now have crew that are multi-talented as this contains production cost. Camera trained and confident presenters not only add production quality but also speed up the process.

Equipment plays an important part in delivering the technical quality of the production. Cameras, rigs, sound and lighting can all make or break the production.

There's very good reason why professionals invest thousands of pounds in good quality cameras. Put simply, they are the tools to do a better job. Used properly, they deliver better quality and have the flexibility to overcome awkward conditions. Beware of the guy who turns up with just a DSLR. Quality control will be very restricted and probably he's really a photographer.
Production is predominantly the process where we shoot the film
Camera Rigs
Rigs are essential. Everyone will know about tripods but they should also have fluid heads, controllers and dual legs for smooth changes of perspective and better stability. Tracking and Steadycam can greatly increase the flexibility and appeal of how shots look. In some circumstances camera booms might also be necessary.

Even on location, sound should always be recorded through high quality external microphones. Better quality microphones may be omni-directional or have tighter response curves to reduce unwanted background noise. Typically these might be hidden boom, shotguns, lapels, hand held, headset. These different microphones are used in different situations where it might influence how the film is produced or the feel it has, e.g. intense, personal, performance, presented, interview, vox pop, studio etc. To be legal and free from interference, radio mic transmitters require band frequency licenses.

Lighting is also a pre-requisite, especially for indoor shoots. Contrary to what many may think, it's not simply to increase light levels. The way lighting is set up can add depth and atmosphere.

A good production company will have an array of equipment with back-ups to cater for unexpected circumstances that could otherwise delay or spoil the quality of the shoot.

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