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Appropriate time given to pre-production is often under estimated, but one thing for sure is that if you fail to prepare correctly you are almost certainly on the road to failure. Whilst those within the client business will be experts in their own field, they are not expert filmmakers. So, just as you would engage an architect to produce the blueprint of a new building to make sure it's built correctly and is functional, the best way to ensure preparation of a new video is done correctly is to engage a professional corporate video production company.

A professional corporate video production company should be able to supply more than just camera and editing skills. It should be able to guide you through the process; provide an experienced view on whether it contains the right amount of detail; whether the suggested content correctly focuses upon the key objective(s) and how the viewer will receive it.

Your production company should be capable of coming up with practical and creative ways to engage, inspire and satisfy prospects emontions. With the increased popularity of video it should also aim to deliver individuality to differentiate yours from those of others. This will greatly increase the chances of success.

The consultation process
It seems obvious but your production company needs to understand relevant aspects of how your organisation works. It should establish the precise aims and objectives of your film and even how you intend to distribute it.

In order to monitor that the film doesn't waiver or its impact become diluted, you should make sure the synopsis can be summed up in a sentence or two. Don't be too vague. "Getting more clients" or "Increasing sales" isn't precise enough. The film should be quite specific in what you are communicating; what you expect your viewers to take on board and how you'd like them to react.

Don't forget, the film is probably just one part of your marketing & sales "multi-touch" process. It's therefore a misconception that cramming in every tiny detail offers better value. In fact it's just the opposite. Doing so will make it more difficult for your viewers to take on board the most important points you are communicating and therefore you risk missing the primary objective. Information overload will result in very little being absorbed.

Whilst it can therefore be a good idea, at an early planning stage, to enrol the opinions of different people within your organisation, it is not always possible to include all the ideas or wishes of everyone. Your film cannot be all things to everyone otherwise it will become disjointed and lose direction. One person in your organisation should be designated as the overall project leader who will be empowered to take decisions. Key executives who may be involved in the final sign-off process must be kept informed.
Post-Production is what happens when everything is brought into the studio
People, location and permissions
Many companies feel that their own people should front their videos. In some situations this may be appropriate, but people move on, sometimes to competitors. Professional presenters and interviewers have specialist skills to confidently and quickly deliver to camera, which gives a better impression and is a more efficient production process. Where it is deemed appropriate for company personnel to go on camera this can be a daunting and nervous prospect for the person concerned. Ask the production company to meet with them before-hand and whether they provide on location professional media coaching. A telepromter could also be a usefull tool for them to provide.

Locations should be examined to ensure they are safe, also to assess technical resources that might be required and possibly stimulate creative ideas. Make sure all permissions are properly arranged. Filming in public places may require permission from police, other emergency or security services, property owners or councils. Personal filming consents and waivers should be obtained and preferably signed.

Writing the storyboard and script
Having now learnt more about your organisation, the purpose of the film and essentials to include, the producer should use its expertise and experience to develop the concept, keeping the project on course ensuring the film does what it is intended to do.

Even with a storyboard and script, there are still many reasons why a film can fail. The storyline is unclear; it doesn't engage the viewer throughout the duration; the content doesn't have sufficient relevance to the aims and objectives; it contains too much information to absorb; it doesn't have individuality to differentiate from others. Whilst you may have pre-conceived ideas on how your film might look, which is fine, do listen to the advice of your producer, who will have more experience than you about what works and what doesn't.

Once the storyboard and scripts are written, check them carefully. This is when any alterations should be made. Changes during or after filming could be very costly.

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