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More businesses than ever are incorporating online video into their marketing strategies, and for good reason. The fact many people don't realise is that simply producing and uploading a video isn't enough. Millions of videos are uploaded every day but sadly a huge percentage of these are ineffective.

As a professional Production Company we see the misguided errors that others don't. Here's a list of 12 common online marketing video mistakes and a few tips on what to look out for.

1 - Insufficiently Defined Audience
Trying to appeal to too many demographics never works. Business owners constantly fall into this trap. Video needs to be focused and produced in a way that effectively appeals to a closely defined target market.
Tip: Think about your target audience and why they should be interested. Your video can't be everything to everyone.

2 - Information Overload - No Clear Direction
Piling on too much information is a major factor why the key points to communicate get lost. Is the message clear and direct?
Tip: It may be better to have several short, topic related videos than one that tries to do everything. What will your target audience want to learn? Put yourself in their position.

3 - Too lengthy
If your video is too long, your viewers will become impatient and leave. A video viewed only half way through is a opportunity lost in full.
Tip: We all know the saying "Less is more". Unless you know your audience will watch lengthy content, keep it between 30-180 seconds.

4 - Don't be Boring - Don't be predictable
How many times have you clicked away from a video because you became bored, it didn't engage with or inspire you? How many have to seen that are same"ish". How much of those do you remember?
Tip: Determine what your target audience will be interested in; not what "you" might be interested in. Satisfy their emontions. Creative content is more interesting and more memorable. Choose a specialist Corporate Video Production Company that thinks differently. Listen to its ideas.

5 - Over Promotion
People don't visit websites to watch adverts; they see enough of those on TV. Whilst it's important that a video effectively promotes a product or service, it's important to not deliver a heavy sales pitch.
Tip: Focus on educating and/or entertaining the viewer. Treat your viewers as intelligent individuals and show that you care.

6 - Under Promotion
Many videos aren't promotional enough. Moving pictures over background music, alone won't influence outcomes. If your video doesn't deliver a clearly mapped out objective, it has no more value than photo's.
Tip: Work with a marketer or specialist Video Production Company that has marketing expertise. They will help you focus upon the goal of your video, writing a storyline to influence what your viewers think and how they react.

7 - Poor Website Placement
What's the point of producing great video that people never see? Online videos often have differing objectives. Some videos might be better suited to pages other than the home page. They should be "appropriately" placed and where visitors will be looking.
Tip: Embed your video where people visit and expect to see it. Add search engine optimisation to help visitors find those pages. Analytics data can identify page visits and video views.
Ensure your video endorsements & testimonials are compliant
8 - Too Much Importance put On "Going Viral"
Going viral can incur additional costs (up to £1000 per 10,000 hits using an agency). A video might be seen by millions but bring in less revenue than a more targeted video. For example a "local" business may not be suited to a worldwide client base. From a marketing point of view, this doesn't make commercial sense.
Tip: Stay focused on your target audience. Actively promote your video within your sphere of influence. Don't let "going viral" cloud your vision.

9 - Uploading to YouTube
If you upload your video to YouTube then just leave it to chance, you're very likely restricting the reach of your video. YouTube is a social sharing site so if you embed YouTube directly into your web page it can recommend similar classifications to your viewers (maybe directing to a competitor).
Tip: Upload your video to other video sharing sites as well, such as Vimeo. Use titles, descriptions, keywords to assist SEO. If you embed YouTube directly into your web page, uncheck the box that suggests other videos when yours finishes. Promote through social medai platforms.

10 - Confusing Concept
They might be funny, but if you're running a serious business, a "cute cat" video is only going to confuse people and most likely won't promote your company effectively.
Tip: Work with a creative marketing agency to create an effective concept. If you don't have the funds for this, make sure the Video Production Company clearly understands how your brand works. Brand is not a logo; it's your entire company ethos.

11 - Poor Production Quality
Poor quality and amateurish video has a negative effect. It creates an instant perception of "small time", insufficient ability and care to do a job properly. It can do more harm than good and potentially more damage than all the other mistakes combined. You won't get a second opportunity to make a first impression.
Tip: A professional corporate video production will reinforce that you do things properly. It will show the importance you place on quality and underpin the value of your products or services.

12 - Conclusion
If you think amateurs in your own business sector can't achieve your standards of expertise and professionalism, why might you think you can produce a professional quality video?
Tip: Engage a professional Corporate Video Production Company with the skills, resources and marketing expertise to make sure your video reflects the quality of your brand and achieves your objectives.


If you would like help creating an effective theme and professional production for a company promotion about your business or adverts for your products, why not give CorpFilms [UK] a call?
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